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Welcome to our brand-new website

The Plastic Soup Foundation, supported by the Plastic Health Coalition, launched a new website: a dedicated Plastic Health Platform. This is highly needed because plastics are not just an environmental issue, they may be a health hazard to everybody. We eat, we drink, and we breathe plastic. There is increasing evidence that our constant interaction with plastics and their additives has negative consequences for human health. There is strong evidence that various chemicals used in plastics affect, among other functions, human fertility, obesity, and the immune system. Quite alarming indeed.
The goal of the Plastic Soup Foundation’s Health Campaign, as well as that of the Plastic Health Coalition, is to establish a better understanding of this issue. We need to accelerate the accumulation of knowledge on additives, micro- and nanoplastics, and communicate the latest findings about plastics and the health effects. We firmly believe that we have the right to know, and should know, how plastics affect our body. Fighting the plasticplague is not just about saving the oceans anymore — it is about saving ourselves

Betty and Bobby to the rescue

All this information can be overwhelming and even paralyzing — that’s why we have come up with a personalized action plan for every visitor: the ultimate plastic diet. With more than 100 tips, you can avoid using as much plastic as you possibly can; it’s all up to you.
You don’t have to embark on the diet alone. The rubber duckies Betty and Bobby, who are both nurses as well as surfers, are there to help you with your personal plastic diet. Consider them your guides in navigating through this vast sea of knowledge — the plastic problem is urgent, but there are simple and effective steps you can take. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed: Betty and Bobby will show you the way!

Surf quickly to the diet with Bobby and Betty.