For nearly 25 years, Algalita Marine Research Foundation has been at the forefront of the plastic pollution prevention movement. The organization’s founder, Captain Charles Moore, was the first to expose the severity of plastic in our ocean after sailing through the swirling soup of plastic pollution in the Pacific – now known to many as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Algalita not only sparked the first research questions in the field but also conducted thirteen collaborative expeditions and authored over two dozen scientific publications on plastic pollution.  Utilizing this rich history and robust network, Algalita’s mission is to inspire the next generation of visionaries to connect directly with citizens, scientists, politicians, and industry leaders to have real conversations about our unhealthy relationship with plastics.  Read more

Captain Moore’s latest research concerns microplastics in Lanternfish, small fish which are actually the most abundant vertebrate species on planet Earth and occupy an essential spot in the marine food chain and global carbon capture. Moore and colleagues found that at least 35% of Lanternfish sampled in the North Pacific Gyre contained plastics. They are now studying how stress hormones in the fish are affected by plastic ingestion. What could this mean for humans, who sit at the very top of the food chain and are now consuming plastic involuntarily?

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