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Gallifrey Foundation

Gallifrey is a self-funded not-for-profit organisation that works on a venture philanthropy basis. They invest their time, talent and resources where they feel it will have a tangible significance. This may be in focusing on an area that seems to attract little attention but has the potential to generate an impact, or it could be through supporting other groups in reaching their goals. As a NGO involved in marine conservation, Gallifrey began their journey by investigating the effects of plastics and microplastics on fish and framing this as a food security issue.

The more Gallifrey learned about plastic, the more its members realised there is a bigger problem; plastic poses a public health issue. Therefore, while public focus has mostly been on plastics as an environmental scourge, it is time to make clear that plastics are a health hazard at every stage in their life cycle. A new area of research and action is microplastic pollution as a result of wear and tear of car tyres.

It is Gallifrey’s aim is to avoid the duplication of efforts to maximise efficiency in reaching a common goal, and for this reason, they are happy to be part of the Plastic Health Coalition.

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