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Just One Ocean is a UK registered conservation charity dedicated to supporting scientific research and raising awareness of the critical issues affecting our ocean.  Launched in 2014 the organisation has recently been concentrating on plastic pollution. They have been involved in a number of projects and most recently launched the Big Microplastic Survey which is a collaborative programme developed with the University of Portsmouth. It has already reached forty countries and a number of academic institutions around the world have joined. They know that microplastics in the environment are having a detrimental effect on ecosystems and biodiversity. Their current research programmes will contribute to our knowledge base in this area and also examine the impact of plastics on coastal communities from an environmental, socio-economic and health perspective.

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As their work develops they will be introducing new research projects such as tracking toxins associated with microplastics and supporting the advancement of our existing scientific knowledge.  Being a part of the Plastic Health Coalition will allow them to share their knowledge and data as well as work alongside other organisations striving to protect our planet for future generations.

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