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The Mirpuri Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that aims to create a better world for future generations, working in six different areas: Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Performing Arts, Medical Education and Research, Aeronautical Education and Research and Social Responsibility. We strive to foster a spirit of collaboration between global authorities, companies, communities and individuals to positively impact the most pressing issues threatening our planet. The Mirpuri Foundation has grown to become an institution of established influence, setting the bar, leading by example and sharing its best practices through its campaigns and projects. Read more

To name a few examples, we sponsored the Turn the Tide on Plastic boat competing in the 2017-17 Volvo Ocean Race (to mark the launch of our “Turn the Tide on Plastic” campaign) and carried an innovative and groundbreaking scientific equipment onboard that collected water samples and mapped plastic pollution all over the world. To take this cause one step further, the Mirpuri Foundation partnered with aircraft wet leasing company Hi Fly to make the first ever single-use plastic-free flights a reality; celebrating the International Year of the Reef, the Mirpuri Foundation painted an Airbus A380, the biggest commercial aircraft in the world, with its Save the Coral Reefs campaign livery, now flying all over the planet with a strong sustainability message; Hosted the Sustainable Cabin Forum in collaboration with IATA and under the patronage of the European Commission, a conference that brought together airlines, airports, catering companies, and key regulators to discuss single-use plastic and catering waste on the aviation industry. Furthermore, the Mirpuri Foundation is again using The Ocean Race (formerly Volvo Ocean Race) as a platform to share its sustainability message, and it was the first team to announce the participation in The Ocean Race, “Racing for the Planet” to raise awareness and take action against climate change. Tackling the plastic problem on the ocean and on the health side has been a priority for the Mirpuri Foundation, which has been hosting sustainability workshops to children and participating in several conferences and events to spread the word throughout the world.

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