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Schurmann Family Foundation

The Schurmann Family was the first Brazilian family to circumnavigate the world on a sailboat. Their first sailing expedition started in 1984, after which they spent 10 years at sea and traveled more than 65,000 miles – they have been exploring ever since. The family has been internationally active through schools, universities, and TV and film programs. During their sailing expeditions, the Schurmann Family experienced first-hand how our plastic addiction impacted our oceans. They are highly concerned about the fact that plastics are used so ubiquitously while so little is known about the human health consequences. By joining the Plastic Health Coalition, the family wishes to increase awareness amongst their followers about this important issue.Read more

Right now, the Schurmann Family is getting ready for its most audacious expedition yet, one which will become part of human history. At the end of 2019, the family will leave to witness, register, and share what is happening in our oceans. Scientific (health) projects will be undertaken during the expedition, using the sailboat as a base for their research. The Schurmann family is determined to seek solutions and to bring awareness to the urgent need for changing our relationship with plastic.

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