Plastic Health Summit


The Plastic Soup Foundation is thrilled to announce the second-ever Plastic Health Summit, to be held on October 21, 2021 in Amsterdam. This year, our theme is One Health, because environmental health and human health are inextricably linked.

Right now, we find ourselves at a critical moment. It’s hard to imagine a world without plastic. There’s hardly a way around it: we eat, drink and breathe micro- and nanoplastics – and their harmful chemical additives – every. single. day. What is that doing to our health?

Speakers from all parts of the world will present groundbreaking science, about the status of our exposure, environmental justice and plastics up close and personal. Concluding we’ll introduce you to some of our heroes, the next generation, with promising solutions to the problem. They can show us that NOW is the time for action.

The Plastic Health Summit focuses exclusively on the connection between plastic particles, plastic additives and human health. We’re able to distinguish ourselves by bringing together all stakeholders involved, from scientists and policymakers to politicians, citizens, influencers, NGOs, industry and innovators to collaboratively create a Healthy Future for All.

We’re facing the problem head-on. Because what’s at stake couldn’t be more important: the health of our planet, our health, the next generation’s health. One Health

Ticket sales have started! This year, there is the option to join in-person or online. Get your tickets here (early bird options available till July 22).

To find out more, visit the Summit website.

Plastic Health Summit 2019

During the first-ever global Plastic Health Summit, we brought together a host of leading scientists, policymakers, influencers, and innovators, united in one common goal: the search for answers to questions which have not yet been asked, answers that can make the difference for our children in the near future.

The summit had a total of 36 speakers from 14 different nationalities who shared their experience and knowledge throughout the day. Before, during and after the event, our message reached more than 2 billion people around the world. And we reached 12 million people through social media, excluding Instagram.

Weren’t you able to attend this event? Below you will find a playlist with all the videos of the day, including the round-table session that was live-streamed on the day, as well as the individual presentations.

Plenaire opening

Plenary Opening

Maria Westerbos, founder & managing director of the Plastic Soup Foundation; and Cyrill Gutsch, founder & CEO of Parley for the Oceans, gave a word of welcome. Professor Dick Vethaak opened the summit with a keynote speech.

Science talks on microplastics by ZonMw

The first round of science talks at the summit focused on the impact of microplastics in our bodies.

Science talks on additives

The second round of science talks was organized by the Plastic Soup Foundation and addressed the health effects of additives commonly used in plastic.

Breakout Session: Policy & Advocacy

The breakout session on Policy and Advocacy addressed the use and regulation of toxic additives in plastic.

Breakout Session: Influencers

The Influencer breakout session was led by speakers who have turned words into deeds, and in doing so, have inspired audiences across the world to take action against our excessive use of plastic.

Plenary Session: Solutions

This session brought the conference to an end on a hopeful note: there are innovators and organizations developing tangible solutions.

Round table Discussion