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WHO calls for more research into the health effects of microplastics: The first conference on this in the world will be held on 3 October

The World Health Organisation (WHO) published its first report into the effects of microplastics on human health. The report cautiously concludes that the concentration of microplastics in our drinking water is low and up to now does not seem to pose risks to human health. But on its own website, the WHO emphasises that what is needed is more research: ‘WHO calls for more research into microplastics and a crackdown on plastic pollution.’

And this is exactly what is being done in the Netherlands! EUR 1.6 million has been made available to ZonMw that supports health research and innovation in health care. There are currently 15 research projects being carried out in the Netherlands into the effects of microplastics and nanoplastics on our bodies.

On 3 October, the Plastic Soup Foundation, ZonMw and the international Plastic Health Coalition in Amsterdam will hold the very first conference in the world on the findings of these research projects on the relationship between plastic and health. It has been proven that there are plastic particles in our excrement and that plastic particles in zebrafish have broken through the fish’s protective barrier to reach the brain.

The conference will be attended by scientists such as Pete Meyers (renowned scientist and founder of Environmental Health Services); the media such as Sharon Lerner (journalist at The Intercept); and large international companies from all over the world such as Inditex.

Visit the conference website for information and to register: Plastic Health Summit.